Find Your Style Event Recap

Last week I had the opportunity to talk all things fashion at an event hosted by Real Women, called Find Your Style. I’m always thrilled to share how fashion is far more than simply the clothes we wear. Our view of ourselves, the purpose we’ve been put on this earth to fulfill, and the confidence we possess as women can be seen in the clothes we wear.

Here’s a short recap of the evening, and below you’ll find an overview of the main points that were discussed.

If our clothing represents us to the world, what message are we sending?

Step 1: The Wardrobe Edit

  • Does it fit and is it well constructed?
  • Is it in good condition? (no snags, tears, stains, etc.)
  • Do I love it? (this is the most important!)

Imagine a closet where every item of clothing hanging up was a piece that you love. How easy would getting ready each day?!

Step 2: Challenge Yourself

This can take on many forms, like no shopping for a period of time, or only wearing certain pieces for a specified length of time. The goal is to see if what you edited your wardrobe down to truly feels most like you.

My specific challenge was to only wear jeans and tees for one month. I allowed myself to wear a cardigan and a blazer, as well as outerwear and jewelry without limit. During this month I discovered that I truly love the simplicity of jeans and tees inspired outfits!

Step 3: Carefully Curate

When adding new pieces to your wardrobe, don’t just buy items that you look good in, or items that are on sale. If the item doesn’t represent the authentic version of yourself that you want to present to the world, then that purchase is actually taking you away from your personal style.

Ultimately, the one rule that should be followed when purchasing new clothes is

If you love it, wear it with confidence!


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