Cheap & Chic – Style On A Budget

I’ve always loved a great leather (or faux leather!) jacket. With so many different styles and cuts, there’s a leather jacket to suit everyone’s body type, unique sense of style AND budget. This one, first featured as one of my 4 Fall Must-Haves, caused quite a stir. It’s a gray, faux leather moto jacket that is soft, worn in, and fits perfectly! Oh, and I picked it up at a thrift store for $10.


Yup, $10. Sometimes it may take time, effort and hunting for quite a while, but I guarantee you that if you hold out, you will eventually find the piece you’ve been looking for, well within your budget.

A great fitting leather jacket would truly be a fabulous investment piece. The right cut and style could literally last a lifetime. However, when funds don’t allow it, there’s no point in going into debt just to look chic. A faux option is a wonderful variation that gets you the look you want, while keeping money in the bank.

Be chic, be you, and wear what you love (and can afford) with confidence!


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