How I Found My Style

Since I subscribe to a 40 hanger closet, it’s really important that I love each piece in there. I need my clothes to work, and re-work to suit a variety of different occasions and moods. Finding my style took a minute! (read: forever!) I’ve always known what I’ve been drawn to, and what works for my body, but discovering what truly feels like home on me has taken years of refining.

One thing I love about style, is that it’s ever evolving and you never truly “arrive”.

As seasons of life have changed, what was once appealing to me no longer is. That’s all part of the journey of discovering my style. What I know now is that I’m not fulfilled by wearing the latest trends, I love my neutrals, and the foundational elements of style for me are classic and timeless. Adding a fresh twist to stay current with my season of life is where I find self-expression.


This knit sweater dress has fit effortlessly into my wardrobe. After wearing it (a lot), and blogging about it a handful of times now, I think I’ve figured out why. I want the option of dressing for my mood. Certain pieces work really well because they allow me to be classic, chic or cozy. These are my usual fashion “moods”. The foundation of my wardrobe consists of pieces that allow each those moods to be expressed.

Add a leather moto jacket, layer some gold chains, and amp up the shoe from a classic heel to something more fun, and voila! the Little Black Dress becomes instantly chic.

I love the payoff that investing in classic pieces gives. That investment doesn’t need to be crazy expensive, but putting my money into clothes that will be worn until they finally wear out is much more important to me than putting money into clothes that will be worn until I regret putting the money out for them in the first place.

Dontchya just a love slipping into something that makes you feel instantly beautiful and feminine?

  • Dress: Philosophy (Marshall’s)
  • Shoes: Nine West (Marshall’s)
  • Leather Jacket: $10 thrift store find!
  • Layered Necklace: BCBG


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