Dressing Down

Once again, a Little Black Dress. #sorrynotsorry I can’t help it! This is such a go-to piece for me. Sometimes I’m in a classic, throw on a stiletto and I’m good to go, kind of mood, but other days, I feel more relaxed and cozy, but I still want to wear a dress. See? The right LBD is perfect!


More of what I love about this LBD is here, but in addition, I absolutely LOVE how warm it is. It keeps me cozy in this gorgeous, cool autumn weather. In the winter I’ll definitely be layering this baby up to add to the warmth, but a dress that’s just a dress is exactly what this weather calls for!

The Studio I direct had these trucker hats made up a couple of years ago. At first I bought one because of the hashtag (of course!), but it quickly became one of my favourite casual vibe accessories. Paired with some runners, this dress is proving just how versatile it is.

There will be more posts that feature this dress, so be warned! I just can’t help it. Finding the right, figure-flattering LBD for your lifestyle is truly one of the greatest wardrobe staples there is.

  • Dress: Philosophy (Marshall’s)
  • Bag: Private label (from a small leather shop in Rome)
  • Runners: Puma
  • Hat: #iamloved original!


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