A Wedding Fashion Show

Recently, upon arriving to a friend’s garden wedding reception, I was totally thrown off. Let me explain. When I walked up,  I was greeted by a beautiful, pristine white catwalk! A fashion show runway was ready and waiting to be strutted on! Okay fine, so it was the perfect entrance for a wedding party, Bride, Groom and guests… but let’s be real… I bet I wasn’t the only one who saw a runway.

After doing my absolute best model walk up the runway, and striking a pose for my husband (aka my photographer), I thought to myself, “Oh this definitely has to be worked!”


The garden reception was a beautiful oasis tucked in a lovely backyard covered with trees and flowers that created the perfect backdrop for this celebration of love. We ate, we laughed, we made a silly story for the bride and groom and we listened to heartfelt (and short!) speeches from family members and friends. We danced (well, some danced, and others of us tried to!) as we celebrated the joining of these two precious lives together.

And then, it happened…. I snuck a few girlfriends away for a “quick photo sesh with my hubby” on the white catwalk that had been patiently waiting for it’s moment of glory.

What unfolded over the next half hour was awesome! It only took a few daring girls to make the first strides down the runway to pose for the photographer, before word spread, contagious laughter broke out, and people came out for their moment in the spotlight.

Even the bride and groom got in on it!

I find it amazing how human nature responds to affirming words, hoots and cheers of encouragement and the smiling faces of approval from peers. It was a fun few minutes working the runway, and in the midst of it all, I was reminded that…

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