2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Update Your Living Room In 1 EASY Step

  1. Love it Marisa! I have a hilarious question:). I got so excited when you mentioned throw blankets, and I thought you were going to adress this question: how should the blanket be on the couch when not in use? Alas, you didn’t, so I’m hoping you can share your expert tip on that. My husband and I have a continuous “battle” with that. I “throw” it on one end of the couch (it is a throw blanket, after all) and he folds it all nicely (ugh!). please advise:):):)

    1. I love it!!! Joanne, you guys are BOTH right! It’s really a matter of personal style. I have mine “thrown” (albeit staged) sometimes, and other times folded neatly. I’ve seen them in countless decor magazines done both ways. Sooooo, I guess you guys are gonna have to get TWO throw blankets and style them each your own way! 😉

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