GUEST POST: A Message From The Other Side

GUEST POST Written By Ania Lachowicz

Message from the Other SideI remember it so clearly. January 2015 I received a text at 4:30am saying “He’s not breathing, doctors won’t tell us what’s wrong.” The next text said, “He’s dead.” A massive heart attack took the life of a dear friend’s father.

I cried.

I called my parents, and then rushed to the hospital to pick up my friend, her mom and her sister. So surreal.

As the days went on, the funeral preparations happened, and I was around the family throughout all of it. I prayed in my head in their house. Little whispers to God for healing, strength, encouragement and comfort during this struggling time.

In June, the family went away for a weekend getaway at a spa and I looked after their house. As I walked through their house, I prayed, asking God to bless the home, give them all strength, and get them past the “firsts” that this next year would bring without their father in their lives. Then my heart got silent and I asked God to give me a sign that this man was safe in Heaven’s arms.

A week later, I got a call from my friend.

“You wont believe what happen today… I got an email from my dad!”

$&@$? (Yes I swore cuz that’s not possible obviously!) The email was dated a year ago. My friend received comfort from this unexpected and outdated email, sent by some computer glitch, and I received an unexpected answer to my prayer. He was okay!

I read this quote from Joel Osteen and smiled.

“The Word is powerful in our lives! There is the written Word of God, the Bible, and there is the spoken Word of God, which can come in many other ways. The Bible tells us that God’s Word came through a burning bush, a still small voice, and even a donkey! He may speak to your heart through a friend or through a worship song. He may speak through creation. When He does speak, your spirit knows it. There is confirmation in your inner man. God’s Word is always truth, and truth always sets you free. When you hold God’s Word close to your heart, it is a shield of protection.”

God speaks to me in crazy and wild ways sometimes… and I love it!

Ania Lachowicz

Ania Lachowicz

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