GUEST POST: A Vision In Focus

GUEST POST Written By Kim Doucette

As I look back over my life I see the hand of God weaving in and out of my days. Here is just one small thread.

In the late 1980’s I was a senior designer at an engineering firm. Part of my job was to go through technical magazines to see what the newest techniques and materials were for the instrumentation systems I designed. There would often be lovely nature photos in the ads. I was very drawn to them so I would rip them out and keep them.

The term ‘vision board’ would not be invented for many years. But God led me to make one anyway. I brought the stack of them home and made a collage out of them. I hung it on the wall at the foot of my bed and have looked at it every day since.

Anyone who has seen my photography will recognize where my style has come from when they see my collage.

I didn’t get a digital camera until 2009, but God was feeding my eyes with the nature photography I would come to love so much long before that. When I recognized what He had done with this ‘vision board’ it blew me away to realize His loving plans for me go back so many years.

Photography is now a huge part of my life and a huge part of the work He has for me. Every time I pick up my camera and head out to the fields and trails I am reminded that I am loved.

Visit my website to see some of what God has done,

Kim Doucette

KIM Vision Board

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