GUEST POST: Learning To Love Me

GUEST POST Written By Valerie Matolo

Learning To Love MeWhere do I begin?

What has happened in my life over the course of the last year has been indescribable. I am still amazed at who I am and the things that God has entrusted to me. There are many times I still can’t believe where I am and who I am.

The biggest thing that has happened over the last year is that through the love of God, I have learned to love myself. Yes I said learned to love myself.

You would think that it would be natural to love ourselves, but for so many reasons it’s not. I’m sure I’m not the only one who nit-picks my flaws and failures. I can focus in on all the things I would change instead of seeing the good of who I am.

I remember one distinct conversation with my sister-in-law where she asked me if I thought I was worthy. I didn’t. In fact, her question made me angry. I knew God was good. He is an overcomer, but I couldn’t see myself that way.

Over the next weeks and months I thought often about what she had said. “God,” I wondered, “Why don’t I think I am worthy? I know you are worthy and you live in me. So, shouldn’t I see myself as worthy?”

This set me on a quest to find the reason of why I couldn’t see myself as God, and others, saw me.

Over the next months as I grew in my relationship with God, amazing thing began to happen. The more I allowed God to comfort me and the more I trusted Him with my daily circumstances, the more my thinking changed. As I let God love me, I started to love me!

How I saw myself completely changed!

With this new perspective I have been able to stay consistent with my goals. What I never realized before, was that I can’t pursue my goals if I don’t believe in me! With this new perspective I have lost over 30lbs (halfway to my 2015 goal of 60lbs!), I don’t struggle eating healthy (in fact I LOVE it!!), I have read more books than EVER (I have almost completed my 2015 goal of 6 books), and I started filling a jar for a travel fund.

I see now that not only are my dreams and goals attainable but I deserve them!

Circumstances in my life may have not changed, or gotten any better, but I now know that I am loved. Not just by God but by myself too!

Valerie Matolo

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  1. Hi Valerie. Thank you for sharing your story. You look Wonderful. I to am on a journey. Difficult, however, I.m on my way to being a better, healthier me. 🙂

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