GUEST POST: Intoxicated Love

GUEST POST Written By Franca Licandro

I was an extra large mess before I met Jesus.  The short version is, I was always intoxicated to numb my pain and to help fill the void in my life. I lived life from the viewpoint of not caring about my self-worth.   I was unsure of myself, and needed the comfort of men constantly.

I didn’t know what love really was when it came down to it.

Since I met the Lord, He has helped me overcome things from my past.  However, I was finding it hard to understand that God could love me, especially after all that.

I know what His word says but it wasn’t logical to me.

Earlier this year while listening to Christian music, a song called “Not For a Moment” spoke deeply to my heart. As the song played, God began showing me all of the ways he physically carried me through each intoxicated situation and ensured that I made it home safely.

God showed up in that moment and showed me how much he loved me before I even knew Him… before He was even real to me!  He showed me that He loved me first. It’s illogical!

Everyday since then, He continues to show me how much I am loved by Him. He is helping me to understand what genuine, true love is, so that I can, in turn, do the same for others.

Franca Licandro

France Licandro

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