GUEST POST: I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes

GUEST POST Written By Jennifer Miller

Every year during the late fall, early winter, I take time to reflect the past year as well as seek God in preparation for the coming year.  During that time in 2013 I came across these words in my Bible.

I had only heard about you before, but now I have seen you with my own eyes. Job 42:5

I knew instantly that was the cry of my heart. I not only wanted to hear about how He moved in the lives of others, I wanted to see Him in a new way.

Because we found out New Years Eve that we were expecting baby number 3, I expected He would move in our finances. He did. He provided in our finances, but being the wonderful, all-knowing God that He is, He did something even BETTER.

Because He knows my life, He knew how hard it had been for me to trust women. He knew it was a challenge to open up and be genuinely real with my friends.

But in 2014 He changed that.

Throughout the year, my friends would send me encouraging emails and text messages. I found myself leaving from a conversation with them feeling uplifted and loved. I even began being open with them. Somehow, I knew I could be truly honest with them, and know that our friendship wouldn’t be in danger because of it. The moment this finally hit me was when they had a baby shower for me.

It wasn’t because of the gifts.

It was the thoughtfulness that went into it. It was the fact that they worked together to make me feel special. There I stood, surrounded by new and old friends knowing that God had used them to help me see HIS love for me with my own eyes.

Jennifer Miller


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