The Power of Your Voice

There’s a little girl in the Bible who inspires me. Her name is unknown, yet her story is intricately connected with the life of a well-known man.

In 2 Kings, we read about the commander of the army of the king of Syria. The Bible says he was a great man who had favour. However, this man, Naaman, was also sick. He had the terrible disease of leprosy.

This is where the little girl comes in.

There was a little girl who worked in service to Naaman’s wife. One day, she told Naaman that there was a prophet named Elisha in Samaria who could heal Naaman of his leprosy. So Naaman packed up his supplies, and journeyed to find this man she spoke of. You know what happened when, because of this little girl’s prompting, Naaman met Elisha?

 He received his healing.

The thought I want to leave you with today is simply this…

 Does your voice direct others towards life?

There are voices every day speaking into lives, weighing in with opinions and ideas about life’s circumstances. But what about voices who actively direct people towards an encounter with the Lord?

There is power in your voice.

Because of your voice, others could have a life-changing moment with the One who is the source of all healing, hope, and extravagant love.

Who can you love today? Let’s be intentional to use our voices to direct others towards Christ!

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