GUEST POST: A Season of Change

GUEST POST Written By Gary Heyes

A Season of ChangeThree years ago I was in the midst of the biggest change of my life, I was leaving a job of 16 years that I loved and about to embark on a new adventure with no certainty or security.

Security had not been an issue in my life, I’ve always had work and been able to provide for my family. However, leaving a job to go to follow a dream was not a normal occurrence in my life and would require a new set of parameters of thinking and living.

Over the years life had gotten busy with many areas of responsibility crowding in, each area taking time and precious internal resources along the way.  I can’t say I was empty but I certainly was feeling drained, a little fearful and in need of an encounter with Jesus for this next stage of the journey.

I scheduled some time away out west and began to seek HIM. Most of the week was a rush of activity, however, each day HE began to speak to me, encouraging my heart the direction I was on was the right direction, to stay with it and to TRUST HIM!

One morning I was having my devotions in a prayer chapel when I noticed a guy taking communion. I thought, “I haven’t had communion in a while. Why not?” As I took the cup and wafer I proceeded to rehearse in my mind Jesus’ words. “As often as you drink this cup and eat this bread you remember me.” I stopped and said out loud – “Jesus, I remember you!”

At that moment HIS PRESENCE invaded the place I stood, my heart & body began to feel HIS embrace! It felt like we were standing face to face with each other. I began to experience HIS deep LOVE pour into me like warm oil. Tears began to flow and I heard HIS promptings.

I LOVE YOU! Everything will be fine!
I’m with YOU! TRUST ME! You’re a person of VALUE!

In the next 15 or 20 minutes all of life seemed to stop and my encounter with JESUS’ LOVE began to change me internally. A deeper sense of security and peace flooded my mind and heart. HE was in CONTROL of my life. The busyness of the years began to fade away and a new rhythm of HIS GRACE started to take place in my heart. Fear of the future disappeared and FAITH, HOPE & LOVE began to take place deep in my core. I was changed! HIS LOVE had captured my heart again!

It’s been 3 years since that moment and it’s as real today as it was then. HE LOVES me! Everything is Fine! HE is with me! I TRUST HIM! I am a Person of VALUE! I am LOVED!

Gary Heyes

Feb 2015

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