GUEST POST: Abused and Addicted

GUEST POST Written By Marianne Soler

God’s love delivered me and set me free from a life of abuse, addiction and low self-esteem.

I was the oldest child of 6…rejected by my father at a very young age. I longed for his love, and was so desperate for someone to love me that I settled for anyone who gave me attention.

As a young woman, I married a man who I didn’t really love… we had a beautiful baby boy…but a year later my husband threw us both out of our home.

I became very promiscuous, drank and used drugs. On top of that, I suffered from much guilt after having numerous abortions. I began working in a Mafia owned restaurant and started living part time with a hit man. Although I made a lot of money, I was still not satisfied.

I was empty, and longing for someone to love me.

My precious little boy needed his mommy’s love and attention…and suddenly became very sick. He was diagnosed with leukemia. God really got my attention!

I thought I would loose my mind. Slowly…my Heavenly Father was drawing me to Him.

I began living with a handsome bodybuilder, my personal trainer. I thought he was the one. But he soon became abusive, tried strangling me, and left me broken-hearted.

A cousin invited me to a local church. My little boy and I decided to go.

It was in that service led by Evangelist Carol Kornacki that I encountered the unconditional love of God. I was delivered and set free from a life of abuse, addiction and low self-esteem that morning 22 years ago. I have never been the same since that day!

Marianne Soler
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