Waiting Reveals The Heart

One of the things I love about being a Pastor is that people confide in me their dreams and hopes for their future. To hear someone speak with such clarity and passion, the imagery that plays in their mind when they see what God has called them to do with their life, makes my heart leap.

Call me naive, but I’m one of those people, who, in spite of shattered dreams, broken promises and the reality of everyday life, believes with all of the childlike faith within me, that God is able to do anything! Those aren’t just words – the good, “Christian” thing to say. I truly believe that if God speaks it, He intends to see it come to pass. More than that, I believe He wants us to see it come to pass.

As much as I believe that God is able and willing to take you to your destiny, I also believe you need to become the right person who is able to survive and thrive there. Each of us need to grow where we are, enlarge our capacity and be obedient to every word He speaks today. A small “yes” to Jesus today will eventually lead saying “yes” to the bigger things He asks.

God’s dreams always involve the reconciliation of mankind to Himself.

As Christians, we are called to beautify the bride of Christ, the church… us. I can’t think of a more beautiful bride for Jesus to return for, than a church that is rapidly reaching the lost, rescuing them from darkness, and assisting them to become mature Christ-followers who are passionately spreading His love. Every gift you’ve been given, every talent you possess… God intricately wove it deep within you for this eternal purpose!

I love how the Bible is full of flawed humans, just like us, who we can learn from. Jacob is a great example of someone who had a dream in his heart, yet was living far from it’s reality. Jacob wanted to marry Rachel. Her father, Laban, said if Jacob worked for him for 7 years, he could then marry Rachel.

Genesis 29:18 (NLT)
So Jacob worked seven years to pay for Rachel. But his love for her was so strong that it seemed to him but a few days.

Did you catch that? His love for her was so strong that 7 years seemed to be a few days!

How many times have we been in our own version of 7 years yet with miserable hearts and grumbling, complaining mindsets?

“If only my potential was recognized.”
“Here I am, still doing this… sigh… I’m so much better than this.”
“I can’t believe they got picked over me. Yet again, I’m being passed by…”

Here’s the sticking point. Does your love for Jesus’ bride captivate your heart so much that the years spent in serving Him seem to fly by? Or do the days drag on as you wait begrudgingly for your destiny to unfold?

Serving God should be an honour whether it’s the simple place He’s got you in now, or if its walking out the dreams He’s breathed into your heart. What a shame to miss out on the joy – the joy that comes from being captivated and in love with the very thing Jesus is passionate about – because the task at hand seems mundane.

Let’s determine to get our minds off of ourselves and the dissatisfaction with the process, and let’s be thrown into passionate service for the Kingdom of God! It is here where a lifestyle in full pursuit of God is clearly seen, where we are becoming who we need to become to survive and thrive in the destiny God has placed in our hearts.


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2 thoughts on “Waiting Reveals The Heart

  1. So refreshing every morning.
    This is part of fanning the flame in my heart and renewing my spirit.
    Thank you Marisa xo

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