GUEST POST: You Are Lovely

GUEST POST Written By Jessica Bowen

Rejection. Some can handle it well.

But I cannot.

You see, I’ve had my fair share of rejection time and again.

When my parents separated I was devastated and it brought SO many insecurities in my life. And then being molested at a young age made me very weary of men in general and it brought so many secret sins into my life that even today I’m still battling with some of them.

I found it hard to accept love completely and truly love myself because of these sins. I thought I was disgusting and that’s how I believed that’s what everyone thought of me.

I grew up thinking I was annoying and that it didn’t really matter if I failed or not because I’m gonna grow up to be a statistic anyways.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED God but I forgot how to hope and believe I was worthy of love.

That was until God wrecked my heart (in a good way) and showed me that I could NEVER earn what He has already given to me in abundance. And that was His love and acceptance.

And do you know what?

It’s been a long journey!

It’s taken me about 6 years to believe God loves me no matter WHAT I do and despite my short comings.

He’s shown me ways that I’m important in people’s lives and that I’m loved by those close to my heart and I’m loved by them DEARLY. And that was really hard for me to accept!!!

But now I’ve realized the ways that God romances my heart and treasures me. I belong to Him. He says I am His own Royal Treasure and His Royal Princess. He calls me “Lovely” and I hold onto that. It inspires me to remind people that they too are loved by God!

It’s actually become a new passion of mine.

Since God calls me “Lovely”, I want to show people just how lovely God truly is and how much He wants to love them in a way only they can understand. Like a “secret hand shake” or a little love letter from God.

You just have to ask Him.

I’ve done it myself:
“God, am I lovely?”

And He answered me:
“Yes, Jessica, you are lovely.
You are truly lovely indeed.”

I’ve personalized Jeremiah 30:22 (NIV) as a reminder of the love God has for me.
“So you will be my people(Princess),
and I will be your God(King).”

This is just the beginning of this romance.

The best is yet to come!

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Jessica Bowen


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