GUEST POST: A Girl’s Best Friend

GUEST POST Written by Mary Charles

I wrote this story with a Swarovski Crystal encrusted pen that was given to me by a dear friend in England that I consider a spiritual Mom. The pen is a timely reminder of a vision God gave me years ago and again recently. Every time I use it I will be reminded of just how much I am loved and came as a confirmation of the point God was making to me.

I had a vision of myself standing, fully clothed in armor. I felt the weight of the helmet on my head and I looked down and saw to my amazement that the breastplate was encrusted in little diamonds and was radiant. The belt had an amazing huge diamond at the buckle. I then looked at my feet with these boots that had diamond encrusted plates down the front and then I examined the shield and saw it is encrusted with diamonds and the center of the shield had diamonds in the shape of a cross and the sword in my other hand was one whole diamond carved perfectly to be razor sharp and when I moved it around it reflected light in every direction.

I mused on the significance of light dispelling darkness and what each piece meant in my usual intellectual, rational mind and did not think of it in any other way. So it was, ‘well that was interesting.’  I shared it with a few people and they looked at me as if to say…”Mary you do have some interesting stories.” So as usual I just banked it in my memory and thought nothing more about it.

 All this talk about God’s love made me really begin to seek to know this for myself.

Like many others, I was service driven and was not experiencing God’s love in a meaningful way. The lie that I am not good enough has been reinforced through out my life and I’ve been on an upward battle to eradicate it completely.

This year, I was really seeking to find God’s love FOR ME! I longed for it not to be head knowledge but heart knowledge.

Then, I had the vision about the armor again! But this time God personalized it. I felt God’s Spirit ask me if I wanted to wear manly old-fashioned armor and examples of each were flashed in front of me. The resounding answer, of course was no! Then He asked me what a girl’s best friend is and I knew where this was going…of course…diamonds!

Then a new perspective of what I would wear and why came to me. A personalized armor that was beautiful, reflected God’s glory in every area of my being was introduced to my heart and what girl wouldn’t want to put that on every day!?! #iamloved

Written by Mary Charles

Mary Charles

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