You Are NOT Your Insecurity

Just because you feel insecure, doesn’t mean that you need to respond out of it and set up camp there. In fact, when you feel insecure, you can internally rejoice, knowing that you are enlarging and expanding. Intentionally facing insecurity is the best way to overcome it.

If you are ready to tackle an insecurity head on, here’s a few simple steps you can take to stare it down and win!

  • Give it a NAME

Know what it is. Define it. Don’t just say, “I feel weird whenever I’m in this type of situation.” Narrow it down. “I feel nervous whenever I have to meet new people and strike up a conversation.” This is really important as it allows you to become more aware of the types of situations that trigger a feeling of insecurity. You can better prepare for these situations if you know what they are.

  • Give it a FACE

Intentionally face the very type of situation that makes you feel insecure. Remember, there is a pretty good chance that you are not an insecure person, rather you are simply feeling insecure. Regardless, intentionally facing the people, circumstances etc. that generate a feeling of insecurity, places the power in your hands.

On your terms, at your time, you’re intentionally allowing yourself to feel insecure and face it anyway. You will feel so good after! Even if you fumble your way through it and feel it was a horrible experience, the simple fact that you are being intentional to overcome a gripping area of your life is something worth celebrating!

  • Give it TRUTH

The Bible is full of Scriptures that speak directly to how God has created you to be in Him. Any area of our lives that falls beneath that way of viewing ourselves is under the influence of a lie. Memorize Scriptures about who you are in Christ. Meditate on the truth that you are a child of the King of Kings, and fill your mind with what God says about you.

Allow that truth to grip your heart and become greater than the feelings of insecurity. Be armed and ready when you face the situations that generate insecurity with the truth of what the Bible says about you.

  • Give it a TEAM

Never fight your battles alone. Any of them. Tell those closest to what you’ve identified and how you’re intentionally facing it in hopes of overcoming this insecurity once and for all.

Having people around you who will stand with you and believe with you when you’re facing giants in your life is key. Tell them the Scriptures you’re memorizing and the truth you’re allowing into your heart as you face insecurity. Don’t do it alone!

Face insecurity as often as needed until it’s gone. I promise you that when you do this, you will be empowered to face the next thing. It may not be easy, and it will most definitely take you outside of your comfort zone, but it will be a key step in positioning yourself for the destiny that lies ahead.


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