GUEST POST: Drowning in Debt

GUEST POST Written By Rachel Elo

Over the past 2 years, I had accumulated quite a bit of debt due to some unfortunate circumstances beyond my control. At the end of the summer, last year, I was so discouraged and burdened by this debt that seemed so BIG. Based on what I could afford to pay each month towards this debt it would take me 7 years to pay off!!! I began to panic.

I shared with a good friend how overwhelmed I felt and was even considering getting a second job. Thankfully this dear friend spoke words of wisdom and encouraged me to trust God. A few weeks later, God began to challenge me to pray and believe that I would be out of debt by the end of the calendar year. What!?!?!? Seven years of debt cleared up in 4 months!?!?! Well, I decided to take God up on this challenge.

I shared with a small group I regularly attend, and asked my friends there to pray and believe with me that I would begin 2015 debt free.

Things were tight financially and any extra money went right towards debt. One month, I had $6 left at the end of the month and I put it right towards that debt. I was making slow progress but I kept doing all I could and praying that God would do the rest like He promised.

During this 4 month period, God began to bless me in very unexpected ways. It started with a Tiffany&Co. necklace that someone gave to me anonymously. It was beautiful! The “messenger” said the giver did not want to be known but shared this, “That girl is royalty.” Wow! I was so blown away. I would find myself saying to God, “Ok this is great God, but what about that debt?”

A few weeks later I was given an entire “new” wardrobe from a friend who has great taste and was cleaning out her closet. As I began to sort through the many bags of clothes, shoes, and accessories, I came across a pair of pants that I had tried on in a store months previous. (I didn’t purchase them since there was no room for those purchases in my budget.) Yet, here there were in my possession now! Again, I was so amazed that God cared enough to bless me with something that seemed so small. Again, I’m saying to God, “God you’re so good! Now what about that debt?”  

About a month after that, I was blessed with all the money I needed to go on a fabulous vacation. This was an anonymous cash gift and the stipulation was the money MUST be used for a vacation. Well, no resistance here… but in the back of my mind I’m still looking at that debt saying, “Ok God, I’m not sure if you work on a 12-month calendar but we are getting close to the end of the year so what about that debt?”

The days passed and my progress was slow and steady as I chipped away at this debt.

Well, wouldn’t you know, in the month of December, I had money come in from two unexpected sources that was enough to cover the remainder of the debt!

It was the last week of December and I was officially debt free!!! Not only did God take care of this debt, but He blessed me in so many ways along the journey.

Each time I received a blessing it was God’s way of showing me that He is not “just barely enough” but He is MORE than enough. He can take care of all that we need and then some. He is not limited! This short season really encouraged me and built my faith enough to believe for even greater breakthrough in other areas of my life.

Rachel Elo

Rachel Elo

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    This post beautifully reveals the loving and powerful God we serve. He tends to every detail and takes wonderful care of us when we let Him in. Rachel’s story reminds me of a similar time in our life when God showed up and out on our behalf financially and it compels me to enter once again into that place of confident trust in our loving Creator. Enjoy!

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