GUEST POST: A Memory Made New

Guest Post by Sarah Williams

I have always struggled to accept or understand God’s love. I’ve had ‘good’ prayer times over the years where I have experienced His love, but nothing that seemed to really have a lasting impact.

As I approached 2015, I began it like any other year, by focusing a certain amount of time on prayer and fasting. This year I felt God wanted me to seek Him about breakthrough in my heart specifically regarding His love. As I did, the Holy Spirit began stirring in my heart issues involving me not loving and accepting myself, which stemmed from hurts of rejection I’ve carried around for years. Facing these issues was challenging.

A scripture came to me that shook me up: “We know and rely on God’s love for us…” (1 John 4:16)

I realized right there that I have not known or relied on God’s love. It broke my heart suddenly to come to this realization. As I continued to read 1 John 4, the Lord started a healing work deep in my heart. With each word I read, more truth was being revealed and the more God was healing my heart and pouring out His love on me.

A while later, while praying, God began to show me where these hurts first came into my life. I was reminded of when I was a little girl sitting on a see saw swing in my backyard by myself. This image represented a time when I was rejected and had been left all alone. I began to weep at the reminder of such a deep hurt. He began to show me the lies about myself that I had been believing my whole life, as a result of this rejection. Suddenly, the image I envisioned changed, and instead of sitting on the see saw swing alone, Jesus was sitting across from me on the other side!

This is just the beginning of a life long journey of knowing, understanding and experiencing God’s love. I am thrilled to see how God has begun to restore my heart! I know that the lies I had been believing about myself have limited how I’ve lived. Not anymore! I am believing that as I continue to move forward, that I’ll experience even MORE breakthrough and will walk in complete freedom of who I am in Christ!

Sarah Williams


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