GUEST POST: #iamloved in EVERY Season

Guest Post written by Jessica Collier:

Love is more than a feeling.

The love of God is a gift that is always available. There are no requirements, or conditions. It is simply given.

In 2014, I was believing in the love of God. I received a word from the Lord that it would be a year of building. It is easy to build when there are no difficulties, but on July 10, 2014, I was confronted with a trial – a winter season.

The most important person in my life – my dad – suddenly passed away. Emotions were dug up and shaken into a mess that I could not fix. I was not feeling love from my circumstances, so how could I build anything?

I had to make a choice.

God wanted me to decide where my hope was found. Was my hope found in the world that can change and hurt me, or was my hope found in the loving-kindness and tender mercies of Jesus?

Where do I want to build?

I now know that what I feel and what I believe are two different things.

I feel pain, but I know Jesus is my healer.

I feel confusion, but I know Jesus saved me.

I feel anger, but I know Jesus loves me.

Like the seasons, feelings change often. However, God’s love is constant regardless of change. I would rather build on the truth of Jesus than on something that wavers based on circumstances.

We can surrender our troubles to God, and He will use them for His glory. I will always miss my dad, but I had to let go of my expectations and let God into my mess. I received peace, hope and even joy at a time that should have been my weakest moment. I am able to build in this season. I know my foundation is strong enough to stand firm and not be shaken.

God’s love is real. It is powerful and comforting. It turns disasters into new life, and has no limitations. Let us continue to seek God’s love more each day. We can share His love with each other and be refreshed daily. Allow God to love you and love through you.

I am believing in 2015 to be a springtime season. I am not sure what this means yet, but I do know that I am loved in every season.


Jessica Collier


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