GUEST POST: The Power of Perspective

Guest Post written by Charlene:

In November 2014, I was invited by a friend to join her for an evening with several other women in a restaurant venue. It would be an evening where a professional painter would guide us through the steps of painting a picture. My first thought was one of apprehension, fear, and ‘I can’t do that’. My mind quickly scanned through the years and readily came upon many examples of failed attempts at any type of art. I’ve always longed to be artistically inclined but that obviously was not one of my gifts. Oh yeah, that’s right, I never believed I had any gifts!!! I realized that through the years I’ve made ongoing negative declarations about my abilities. “I can’t…” being the one most often voiced.   With the belief of, “I can’t” came the result of, ‘I didn’t’ and after awhile I didn’t even attempt. After all, my artistic ability stopped at drawing stick people.

After that quick scan of my history I was reminded of how much God has transformed and healed in my life over these recent years. In addition, I was also reminded of the passage in 2 Cor. 5:17 where it says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, ALL things have become new” Hmmm!!! I was challenged to reconsider my perspective of self. I accepted the invitation with a guarded belief that I could actually do a painting that would be something I’d actually want to hang on the wall. I was also challenged to take a step in faith that maybe “ALL things have become new” might also apply to this situation. One thing I did know for sure was that it would be a great evening of fun.

I was absolutely overwhelmed and shocked as the evening progressed and what I saw in front of me, a developing painting. It actually looked like something!!! My painting didn’t look anything like the professional painters’ example and I realized that it didn’t have to either. I settled into what was happening in me. I think what blew me away more was other people’s comments about my painting. Wow, could this actually be true??? One comment was, ‘you’re a natural’; everything inside of me was, ‘yeah, right!!!!’ and yet I couldn’t deny what faced me on the easel, a painting.

While driving home, I was thinking about what had transpired that evening and there, beside me on the seat of my car, was a painting done by ME!!!! I ACTUALLY liked it. I thought about my years of negative declarations and wondered if that actually became a block for any progress or development in the area of my artistic expression over the years. Did my words and thinking have such power that it actually altered what I believed I could or could not do??? Did my words alter my perspective of self??? Did my belief of self paralyze the gifts and abilities that God put in me years ago??? I believe, YES, they did!!!!   I know this to be true because I have done the same thing in several areas of my life.   In the following days, I kept thinking and saying to others, “I don’t know this ‘new’ person” but I like it.

I don’t think that this journey is done because “making ALL things new” is a journey of renewing the mind, that shift from believing the lies of the enemy to believing the truth of what God says about me. I don’t think we even realize how often that the power of our perspective of self is flawed and needs transformation and healing. As challenges and opportunities are presented I may have to go through this whole process again…I’m okay with that!!!!

I AM A NEW CREATION, the old has passed away!!!!!




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