Building Simply

Less is more!

I love chatting with people who are big dreamers! Believing that the sky is the limit and putting plans into motion to reach your goal is so inspiring to me. Visionaries see the big picture and clearly describe what’s in their heart so well that you feel like you’re actually there, seeing what they’re seeing. Working alongside the creative teams at our church means I often find myself in the midst of these inspirational dialogues.

However, I often find myself in the position of offering a word of caution or gentle guidance to train our team in the necessities of building, where we are today, with the resources and people available today, while trusting God that as we are faithful here, the rest of the picture will come to life down the road.

Momentum needs to be created before something can take on a sustainable life of its own. As the visionary, it’s your job to create the momentum. This is where building simply comes into play.

When something is easily understood and easily reproduced, you are positioned to create momentum. Imagine inspiring a team with a plan that was so detailed that if they forgot step 14c, the whole project came to a grinding halt?! Not only will you not generate momentum, you set yourself up to potentially lose valuable team members in the process, who will give up because the task at hand is “too hard.” What a shame to lose someone who could be a valuable asset down the road, and whose heart is passionate about the very thing yours is, because your leadership put too complex of a plan in action too soon.

Keep your plan simple, and when possible, (especially at the beginning), cut out any unnecessary details. See what I said there? UNNECESSARY details. If you and your team can execute steps 1,2,3 and 4 over and over again until it becomes second nature, you will create momentum. At this point, take a look at your big vision and see what detail you would like to add in to make the project better. Once the momentum is generated, it is easier to add in these extras to help move you forward.

People’s capacities don’t expand because we put a complex task in front of them, they expand because they’ve successfully navigated the early stages and are now ready to add more to their plate.

Let me take a moment to clarify here. I firmly believe that God has placed His Spirit of creativity inside all of us. I see the small details, and often these are the very things that speak loudest to me. Small details can create an atmosphere and set the mood for a meeting or event, and when inspired by the Holy Spirit, can impact a life so deeply that they encounter Jesus in a brand new way.

I am of the opinion that you can build something simply, while at the same time, include details and “extras” that, when done right, can help direct you to your main goal. The key is not allowing the details to overtake the focus. As soon as the little extras begin to become the focus, something needs to go.

When all else fails… hold off on a little detail for the sake of creating momentum. You won’t regret executing your simple plan with excellence this time around. You and your team will have a win under your belt and will be ready with fresh ideas and motivation to make the next project even better than the last.


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