Critical Thinking

Critical definition
1. Inclined to find fault.
2. Involving skillful judgment as to truth.

We are called to be critical thinkers not critical people.

Wisdom assesses a situation and uses skillful judgement to determine the truth. Do we jump to conclusions and pass judgement on people? Are we inclined to find fault?

Don’t let another’s behaviour bring out your inner critic. Seek the truth, and love unconditionally. People’s actions are based in a truth of their reality. We see the actions, but the truth they are living may not be so easily discernible.

For example, we’ve heard the expression “Hurt people, hurt people.” But if we aren’t purposeful, we could too easily see the hurting someone is doing, and fail to see the truth in their reality of the hardship and hurt that has been done to them, that is foundational to their expression towards other people.

Anyone can be a critic. It takes grace to look past negative behaviour to someone’s need.

Lord forgive me for allowing my eyes to find fault and judge others, when I could have used my watchful eye to recognize another’s pain.


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